It’s Bank Holiday….It’s Raining!

Well, it’s another bank holiday here in the UK, or should I say dank holiday! It’s certainly dark and dank this morning but I actually love the rain as it freshens up the garden after several dry and very windy days which saw many of my perennials almost flattened. I opened up the patio doors which lead onto the back garden and the scent of the fresh rain on the plants was just heavenly. Looking down onto a small planter to see how the newly planted nasturtiums were coming along I noticed this little fella in the photo. He was upside down and clinging effortlessly to the underside of one of the nasturtium leaves, wings folded, with a few grains of pollen and water droplets visible on his furry body. I tried to look up what he was, I assume he is some kind of bee……but could not identify him clearly, however he seems to be well prepared for an English bank holiday…..using the leaf as his umbrella!!



The Friday Flower – After the Rain

Well Friday has rolled round again and what a week it has been. It started off on a positive note but unfortunately went down hill, however this seems to be the norm at the moment and so when Friday comes around it’s a relief. The tension in my neck and shoulders seems worse than ever and I think I need to see about some serious massage therapy, but until then I have my flowers to cheer me up and put the smile back on my face. Gardening has always been an outlet for me, more so now I have the greenhouse! This evening has been a treat as although it is cool, grey and damp the droplets remaining after the rain storms look beautiful on the emerging flowers and leaves, the plants seem as relieved as I do that it’s Friday, their stress has been lack of real water for weeks and so now they look refreshed and revitalised. Here is the sole surviving Allium, sadly last years terrible slug fest seems to have destroyed the other bulbs, but this one is a treat, I hope you like it! Have a lovely relaxing weekend and thanks again for all your views, likes and comments!


41 Day 184 – Grounded Due To bad Weather

As soon as I arrived home tonight I was determined to photograph something, even though it had started to rain quite persistently. So, I wandered around the garden looking for something, anything, but then turning around to have another look I saw this little chap flutter from the safety of a conifer tree and land un-elegantly on to the wet grass. There he (or she) sat for some minutes, at first quite still, almost statuesque, stuck like glue to the bubbles of rain before managing to find the energy to launch back towards the conifer and disappear into the thick foliage. So, having got a couple of quick shots I too headed for the shelter of my house, and disappeared like the butterfly out of the rain!


41 Day 127 – Under my Umbrella

No, not the tune by Rhianna, but where most of Britain seems to be residing at the moment….even though it is supposed to be the height of Summer! To be honest most of the time Im just running from house to car, or car to office etc so doesnt really warrant the use of the umbrella, but it has come in mighty useful of late! But did you know that the humble brolly was infact invented over 4000yrs ago! Drawings in Egyptian tombs and paintings from ancient China as well as ancient artifacts show the use of such an item, mostly to give shade from the sun with the Chinese being the first to waterproof their brollies.  The word umbrella actuallycomes from the Latin word Umbra, meaning shade or shadow. The first all umbrella shop in England was called “James Smith and Sons”. The shop opened in 1830, and is still located at 53 New Oxford Street in London, England, and although the brolly was the preserve of women the man responsible for men taking up the umbrella was Jonas Hanway in the 18th century, hence the fact that English gentleman often referred to their umbrellas as a “Hanway.” So get out your brollies and celebrate the rainy days!! (mine has incy wincy spider all over it! If you dont know the rhyme, check it out below:




41 Day 93 – Smoke on the Water

Rain rain go away! Well I know we need it but every day for weeks?? So at the moment my outdoor pursuit of an image is restricted to a few moments grabbed here and there (generally dry whilst Im sat behind my desk I may add!!). However, tonight on my way home and having spent ages stuck in the queueing traffic I took a chance and drove into the countryside a mile from my home and parked the car on the side of the road. The spot I chose is a bridge which passes over the Ashby canal but less well known is the walking route alongside that occupies an old railway track since removed and left to grass over, I have cycled past it many times (in the summer!!) Apparently it was a railway built to link Stoke Golding to Hinckley and the rest of the area but was never used, hence the name ‘ghost railway’, so out came the camera and yeap you guessed it back came the rain! But I still managed to get some shots! For railway enthusiasts I have added a link regards the ghost line history.


41 Day 85 – Flowers After the Rain

Those of you who live in Britain understand the randomness of our weather which provides us with an endless supply of conversations, mainly about the rain, or the lack of it! But there is something quite magical about the place after its rained, the smell of the earth, damp and rich, the clean feel to the place, and the flora seems to be somewhat more perky! I love the way the droplets settle on leaves and flowers, gathering and pooling, running off or dripping to the ground under the pull of gravity. The heads of the tulips in todays post bowed under the added weight of the droplets, bending down to take a look at the ground, no longer upright and worshipping the sun!